George Clooney and Brad Pitt Work the Poker Table in Oceans 11


In “Ocean’s Eleven,” the poker scene is a memorable one, as it introduces the character of Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his knack for understanding people and manipulation, which are central to the movie’s plot.

The scene takes place in the house of Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), a wealthy former casino owner. Present at the table are some young Hollywood stars, including Topher Grace and Joshua Jackson, playing themselves. They’re involved in a friendly, but high-stakes poker game. Danny Ocean arrives, introduced as a friend of Reuben’s who just got out of prison.

Danny is immediately established as an outsider, yet his confidence never wavers. He takes on the role of an observer initially, watching the celebrities play, studying their habits and tells. He even corrects their playing strategies, much to their amusement.

When it’s Danny’s turn to deal, he suggests they play “No Limit Texas Hold’em,” a more complex version of poker. The celebrities, assuming his prison stint has left him outdated about recent poker trends, agree. This is where Danny’s skill and cunning truly come into play.

As the game progresses, Danny provides a running commentary, revealing each player’s hand even before they reveal it themselves. The young stars are amazed and somewhat rattled, realizing they’ve underestimated him. Danny wins the game effortlessly, showcasing not only his poker skills but also his ability to read people.

This scene sets up the character of Danny Ocean for the rest of the film – a man who is always one step ahead, a mastermind who can manipulate situations to his advantage. It’s a lighthearted but cleverly constructed scene that integrates humor, character development, and plot progression seamlessly.

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