Improve Your Explosive Power on the Football Field With These 3 Football Workouts

If you’re serious about enhancing your football performance, getting together some good football workouts and training plans is a must. The exercises that you choose to perform in addition to your usual training on the field will definitely influence the performance ability you present when game time rolls around.

Fortunately, by understanding a few of the key strategies that you should be paying attention to, you can make sure that your progressing rapidly through your off-field training.

One particular element of your fitness that you should focus on is آموزش بازی انفجار power. As a football player, when you need to make a play, there’s no time to waste. The faster and more powerful you can be off the start, the better chance you’ll have of executing your play effectively.

Let’s look at a few of the critical things that you should be doing during your football workouts to achieve this.

Know Your Tempo When Doing Lower Body Exercises

The very first thing to note if you want to boost your football workouts is to make sure you’re using the right tempo. To enhance your explosive power, you’ll want to use a tempo pattern that has you driving the weight up as quickly as possible and then lowering it back down slowly in a controlled manner.

Aim for a tempo of around 1:1:3 seconds for the movement pattern. This means you take one minute to push the weight up, use a one second pause at the top, and then take three seconds to lower it.

Choose The Right Mix Of Lower Body Moves

In addition to getting your tempo correct, it’s also important that you’re choosing the right mix of lower body movements as well. You want to be focusing on exercises that work multiple muscle groups all at once whenever possible as these are the ones that will best increase your power generation capabilities.

Good moves to choose include the leg press, the deadlift, as well as the step-up. All of these can also be performed using that tempo pattern identified above.

Practice Exercising While Fatigued

Finally, the last thing that you may want to consider doing is perform a few of your sets when you’re already in a fatigued state. This is going to help ensure that when you’re on the field playing football, you’ll be able to execute a play even if you’re currently feeling quite tired.

By doing your workouts slightly fatigued, you’ll be used to overcoming this. To accomplish this objective, perform two sets of each exercise where you are fully recovered and feel fresh upon starting, but then reduce that rest period for the third set to about 20-30 seconds. Perform the last set while partially tired and you’ll see great adaptations taking place in your football workouts.

So there you have the key points to remember about boosting your explosiveness for football through properly formulated workouts. Use these techniques and get ready to see your performance increase.