Rescue Heroes – A Nonviolent Action Cartoon for Christian Parents and Children

As a parent I am very careful about what I let my children watch on TV. I decided a long time ago to not get cable or satellite. It is better for me to get DVDs and BluRay discs of the shows that I feel comfortable watching with my children. Growing up we had cable but, there is no need for that now, I can just buy all the best shows and have them on hand. The best part about purchasing media is there are no commercials. Back in the 1980s and 1990s there were shows on cable that were good and wholesome but, most of today’s shows are questionable. Modern commercials bring a bad influence in our home and can often times ruin the good feeling we get while watching our favorite shows.

We do however, have a regular antenna and found a great station called Qubo for our children to watch. Most of the shows are really good and teach good things to children. One show that stands out in my mind is the show 올인구조대 Heroes. I like action cartoons and I think they are fun, but I worry about what my children watch. Rescue Heroes is a show about a group who saves people in bad situation usually someone battling the elements and then are saved by the Rescue Heroes team. They always end the show with a moral value. I like the show because it is entertaining and I don’t have to ever worry that my child is going to hear or see anything inappropriate. I also like the fact that the show is full of action without the blood, guts or gore.

As a Christian parent I want my children to be safe in our home, that does not just include being physically safe but, emotionally and mentally safe. By having my children watch shows such as Rescue Heroes I am helping my children to have fun but in a controlled environment.

Children are very impressionable. When I find something that I feel fits our family’s moral and social values I grab it. I think sometimes we feel that as adults we are above monitoring what we watch and are not as accountable for the things with which entertain ourselves. I think that is not true and we need to make sure we watch ourselves as well as our children.

I appreciate those that want to make good media. The Rescue Heroes will be a family favorite for years to come. Rescue Heroes is available only in limited quantities on DVD or other formats but, maybe one day it will become more available.